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[IP] More newbie questions (long post)

So, I've finished my two day intensive insulin management course which was a
pre-requisite to ordering the pump.  I have some questions that I didn't
really get great answers to at the class that I thought I would bounce off
of y'all.  I apologize that most of these are general diabetes questions and
not pump specific (I hope that's OK, I've got no one else to ask!)

1) How do you decide which pump to get?  Everyone seems to be pushing me
toward the Minimed 508.  I want to compare the features and plusses and
minuses of each, but don't know what features are important and why.  I have
to make a decision quickly (by next Tuesday) or will have to wait until Xmas
to get the pump, and I don't wait that long!

2) My fingertips are killing me.  I'm testing 8-12 times per day per my dr's
instructions, and she only lets me use arm blood for pre-meal readings after
the One Touch letter about post-meal readings using arm blood being
inaccurate.  Unfortunately, I spend my whole day using my fingers (10 hours
on the computer + flute playing + knitting).  Any suggestions about creams,
etc. to make my fingertips happier with me?

3) I have tons of bruising on the sides of my thighs, which started
literally the same day I started taking the insulin injections.  I
frequently have little circular grey bruises associated with injections (I
do use the short humalog pen needles).  Any idea what is causing this and
what might make it go away?

4) Can someone please explain to me what the heck a "honeymoon" period is
and how long it lasts?  Sometimes (like today) it seems like my pancreas
wakes up and makes insulin.  I had a 20 carb snack with no Humalog on board
and a BG of 120 -- an hour later I had dropped to 66.  The same 20 carb
snack at breakfast with no Humalog raised my BG from 90 to 206.  This is so
unpredictable it is driving me crazy.  My c-peptide is low but not below 1
yet.  Could this be a result of the honeymoon period?  I got officially
diagnosed 5 weeks ago, but likely had BG over 300 for the last 11 months.
How do I calculate carb ratios during this time?  Or do I just guess and
treat the hypoglycemia when it happens?

This seems like a very informative and caring group of people and I thank
you in advance for all your help

Sheri Byrne
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