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[IP] Re: IP Balance and Diabetes

> I, too, have problems with balance and wasn't sure what it was from.  I
> absolutely need a railing to hold onto when I go up and down stairs,
> otherwise I would waver and possibly fall.  Are there others of you out
> there who have this problem or something similar?
> Barbara

Count me in on this one. I have had a few major falls, including flat
backwards in the driveway 2 yrs. ago this week. I'm still suffering from
that one - as well as falling through the doorway with my foot in the sink a
couple mos. later. ;) (I did it for years w/o falling - not since!) I lean
my body against the railing while going downstairs with the laundry hamper
to assure I'm *stable*. I have counted steps for 40 years (when we lived on
2nd floor w/14 steps) to make sure I hit them all. We have 12 steps to our
basement now and they never change. However, sometimes I count 11 and
sometimes I count 13!! Go figure. Definitely YMMV! (~_^)

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