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[IP] getting close to my pump start / how to carry daily supplies

Hi.  I am getting close to my pump start (October 2) and am very excited.  My doctor is going to have me start with two days on saline before switching to insulin.
Thank you to those of you who responded to my earlier requests for opinions on the different pumps available.  I decided on the Animas R1000 (the "virtual pump" on their website is a great marketing/sales tool, see "http://www2.animascorp.com/vp_f_o.shtml")
Question...After 20 years of shots 2, 3, then 4 times a day....I had found a way to carry my daily supplies and meter in a small wallet in a small purse.  Now that I will be pumping...What supplies in addition to my meter, syringes, and insulin do I need to carry around with me, for instance, to work, out to dinner, to a baseball game (I'm gonna see Cal Ripken's last game next Saturday)?  Or, can I just carry my standby shot supplies in case of an emergency? What do others do?  Do you have suggestions for types of organizers/carryalls available for carrying pump supplies?
Thank you!

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