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[IP] RE: ab work and infusion sites

Hi, Paula.

I do quite a lot of ab work and also use my ab area for the infusion site.  
(By the way, I leave mine in for five days without any problems, except that 
the sweat from exercising sometimes causes the adhesive to loosen a little.) 
  I don't have any problems with my abs.  However, I'm male and I have a 
little more fat than it sounds like you do.  Are you using the shorter 
sofsets?  That is supposed to be better for folks with less body fat.   I'd 
be interested to know what the Mini-Med folks told you is problematic about 
doing ab work with the infusion site in your stomach.

You wrote:
>From: 	Paula Bosarge [mailto:email @ redacted]
>Sent:	Tuesday, September 25, 2001 4:37 PM
>Subject:	ab work and infusion sites

>I need some help on doing abdominal exercises.  My infusion site is >always
>on my stomach, and I've been warned by the MiniMed folks that ab work  >(or 
>any kind of power lifting) can mess up your infusion site.  Any 
> >suggestions?

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