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Re: [IP] I'm so frustrated!!

Hey, Hold on - this is going to sound weird.  I had a BAD sinus infection 
only once and I never want to go through that again. A friend of mine shared 
what had Doc told her about keeping them away.   Into the shower you take a 
very large plastic cup and a container of salt. You put very warm water in 
the cup and add enough salt to make it very salty to taste. Then you cup one 
hand and pour the salt water into your hand and sniff the mixture up into 
your nose. Keep your head down looking at the tub and let the water drain out 
(mouth and nose) The salt water surprisingly doesn't hurt like water up your 
nose in the pool. Do this as soon as you have sinus problems.  

PS  Ty had ear problems as a baby and his ped talked to an ear specialist and 
if its summer he has the parents take the kids to the beach and dunk them. 
Don't laugh - it worked, Ty had sounded stuffed but nothing was ever coming 
out but when we dunked him his nose drained and drained. He never did have 
tubes!!  OK Enough sharing LOL  Get well soon.  Dee
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