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Re: [IP] Surgery & Pumping (long)

> The endo will also request that they DON'T run glucose through her
> IV unless necessary to raise her BG level at some point.  Glucose in
> the IV fluid is standard procedure at SOME hospitals, but not all,
> and several people have mentioned waking up from a procedure feeling
> like crap, only to find that it wasn't the surgery but BGs in the 3
> or 4 hundreds (because of the glucosein the IV) that was making them
> feel lousy . . . 

I'm definetly not an expert, but I've heard that they sometimes run a 
2.5% glucose solution instead of the standard 5% for those with 
diabetes. The reasoning being that the body needs some energy but the 
5% solution is purposely more than necessary as a belt and suspenders 
method for ordinary surgical patients. Discussing this with the 
anesthesioligist is the proper thing to do. The "no glucose" solution 
is probably a knee-jerk reaction to the usual response from "unaware" 
surgical teams.

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