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[IP] More on dual tx's

> I am curious why you did not have a pancreas transplant at the same time
as your
> kidney transplant. I know two people who had both and I thought that was
> routine.

This is how it was explained to us 9/6/01 at Northwestern Memorial Hospital,
Chicago, in the Kovler Organ Transplant Center:

There are 250,000 on dialysis - 130,000 are okay to transplant; 50,000 are
on the list for tx.

About 5,000 cadavers are available a year giving 10,000 kidneys a year.

Of the above cadavers, only 2000 pancreases are *good* for tx's due to being
too *fatty* or damaged in harvesting, etc.

Therefore, 8,000 people a year would not receive a pancreas along with a

The above are reasons why people need to let their families know of their
desire to be an organ donor upon their demise - and sign a card. However,
it's the *living* ones who make the ultimate decision of what is done with
the cadaver's organs.

Often, a recipient of a kidney cannot wait longer to receive a pancreas at
the same time to become usable/available and accepts the kidney only. Also,
many kidney recipients are from living donors who cannot give up their
pancreas. Many do receive a pancreas at a later date. (~_^)

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