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[IP] Animas Pump

Just a short note to say thanks to those that
responded to my questions about the animas pump. I had
a chance to do a saline trial last weekend and it went
very well. I am very pleased with what I saw and felt.
Even managed to put the darned thing into meltdown
mode. Alarms going off at 11pm on friday night. No
biggie, just kept laughing!~ It was only saline after
The people from there have been extremely helpful. I
could not believe it when I got a note from the rep
that said that "Corporate will take care of me" - I am
getting my pump. They don't care that my ins will only
cover 80%. They are not going to make me pay the rest!
I really can't believe how much support that they have
given me. Never bashed anyone else's products. The rep
is a pump wearer and was so supportive of pumping in
general. She didn't care which company's pump that I
bought. Just get one!!! It will change your life!!
If my Doc can get around to filling out the forms for
med necessity, I should have my pump within a week!
WOW! It really does seem unreal.
For those of you who are thinking about pumping and
are concerned about how to pay for these things -
remember many of the companies have a financial aid
program as well as what they call a scholarship
program.  The scholarship program sometimes can get
someone a pump for free!!!!!
Just remember that pumping will change your life-I
believe for the better! Don't let the financial issues
stop you from at least looking into pumping!
I almost did!
Take care, and keep the faith.
The time for pumping has come.
Wanda, a soon to be pumper (within 2 weeks max)
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