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[IP] Re: neuropathy and medications

Dear Kelley,
   I take a combination of drugs and that seems to have minimized the side
effects of any one, but it has also made me keep lots of lists.  I take
neurontin, ultram, celebrex, zoloft, imipramine (for complicated migraine),
and atenolol (for tachycardia which you might not have,)  for my direct
nerve problems.  (I also increase the amount of antihistamine I take when I
am in more pain, but that is because I am studying molecular biology and
doing an experiment on myself out of curiousity.)  However, I know a lot of
people who have had problems with neurontin have done well with other
antiepileptics or antidepressantsfor pain.   Venlafaxine, (Effexor) and
other drugs have info on the web, but my advice is to go to a neurologist
who is also a pain management specialist.  Maybe someone else has better
advice or has a more similar neuropathy because mine may be a result of
"fun" mutations in my genes.
Good Luck!
Katy Hawes
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