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Re: [IP] Jenn's pump update and latest A1C (be very afraid!)


  Just for the record, the Disetronic D-Tron also vibrates!  Not sure but I 
think the Animas has a vibration mode also.  This info can be fo und at both 
Distronic and Animas Corp web sites.


Animas even has a virtual pump on their website that you can actually play 
around with the function buttons and see how it works.  I'm not, in ANY way, 
putting down the MM 508 or any other pump.  I'm just letting you know that 
what you are being told is FALSE information and you need to look into what 
is real and what is not.

Good luck!  I hope you can get on ANY pump, because I truly feel that ANY 
pump is better than NO pump!!!
  By the way Jenn,  how did you like the opera Phantom????  We went and saw 
it and I LOVE the music too.!!!

mom to Joshua
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