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RE: [IP] Need some help from the men

<<OK   WHY  just the men!? :) I'm the MOM of a 12 yr. old boy and I think I
help!! Ty uses his stomach right above his belt line for insertion, he puts
the tubing down the leg of his pants and wears the pump like a beeper either
clipped to his pants or inside his pocket clipped to his pocket.>>

I'm a 'he' and that is exactly what I do.  The tubing is very strong so I
don't worry too much about it.  When I wear the pump like a pager, a small
loop of tubing that runs into my pants is barely visible.  I've had people
tell me that they thought the loop was a cord for an earpiece (like for an
earbud for a cell phone).

Other tips:
I clip the pump to the front of my shorts when I go to bed.  This allows me
to roll from side-to-side.

One big problem for me was what to do with the pump when I'm going to the
bathroom.  If I sit, I unclip the pump from my pants and clip it to my shirt
collar (reattach to pants when finished).  I ripped out a few sets doing
this when I first got the pump.

Hope this helps!

Eric Podlogar
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