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Re: [IP] Low Salt Diet?

> I'm supposed to be on a low salt diet because of my problem with
> edema...does anybody know of a place to find good recipes?  Also any hints
> on what is an acceptable level of sodium in foods...I've been paying more
> attention to the nutrition labels and EVERYTHING (caps for emphasis only)
> has sodium in it!
> Denise Radcliffe

Frozen foods - like veggies (corn/peas/beans, etc.) - don't usually have
added salt cuz of its inability to freeze. Can you freeze some fresh ones
yourself? IF you are on a low-potassium diet also, do not use a salt
substitute as it is a potassium-based product. How about boiling some beef?
I add a whole onion, a small branch of fresh celery leaves, and LOTS of
black pepper while cooking it. You could freeze portions of that, too.

The diet I *should be* on consists of toasted cardboard with no salt/no
sugar peanut butter. Ooops, scratch that - peanuts are high in potassium. I
s'pose I could sprinkle on some cinnamon. (~_^)

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My therapist told me the way to achieve true inner peace is to finish what I
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feel better already.
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