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Re: [IP] Large needles

On Wednesday 26 September 2001 18:39, Barb wrote:

> I am a new pumper (1 month) and also have the disetronic. I use the tender
> as well. My endo gave me a sample of a new infusion set called Ultra Light
> (I think). It is a shorter needle and goes straight in. However, I don't
> think the catheter is as long as the tender's and I like the length because
> I have a lot of scar tissue/fatty tissue in my abdomen so I like the longer
> needle. Anyway, do you have a secret for determining the 40% angle. Some
> days I get it in with no problem and other days the site hurts to the touch
> immediately after getting the pump going. It hurts until I change it (two
> days). So if you have trick you use with your children, I would appreciate
> knowing it.

The new sets from Disetronic are called the Ultraflex.  They presently come 
with 8 and10mm lengths.  I've heard that a 6 and a 12mm might be available at 
some time.  Presently I use a 6 mm Rapids in my arm and a 8 mm in the 
abdomen.  They recommend the 10 and 12 mm lengths of needles for those who 
are "adipose challenged."   ;>)

You can reach some greater depths with the Tenders, depending on the angle 
you insert, but many use them also to achieve a shallow depth.  I have heard 
of them being inserted at angles anywhere from 10 to 45 degrees.  It is just 
an "eyeball" sort of thing, that may be helped by measuring how many fingers 
off the surface a certain point is.  Once you have found that "angle", and 
thus depth, it may seem more natural.  Who said you would never use your High 
School Geometry?   ;>)

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