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RE: [IP] Living *up to* statistics

Hey Jan:
I'm sorry if I bummed you out regarding the fiscular thing and the
peretinatal dialysis...

The reason his fiscular thing didn't take was that the dr. (surgeon) had
told him not to use the arm, don't exercise it, etc. but he needed just the
opposite for it to fuse and take.....

As for the stomach one, just wanted you to be aware of options for
dialysis....just like YMMV with D., same is for dialysis...I have many
people I know on it and none of them are the same.....

My brother received his txs last March 2000 and he was 52 at the
time...which put him at 41 yrs having diab.

For some reason, transplants get done much quicker here in FL, more organs
available I guess.

We were suprised that my brother got called so quickly, just over 6

But a lot depends on how you're tested and how you "rate", what your blood
type and tissue is, etc. etc.

As for Medicare, yes, once you go on dialysis, you are automatically put on
medicare and they pay for everything.

Again, didn't mean to bum you out...

Kathy Bruckmeyer
email @ redacted
diab 35 yrs pumping 12/00
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