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Re: [IP] Re: Hang in there

    You know, to this day, my grandma always asks me, "When are you going to
get married?" I have always told when I am ready. I would then follow up
with this line..."Why would I want to worry about 'raising' a husband when I
am too busy trying to get my body healthy again?" or something to that
effect anyway! LOL
    Though today, I was given the name of somebody in the singles group out
here in my area. So I think I will try to get a hold of her and find out
about it...
    As for the high school friends...I did lose touch with all of them,
including my best friend. Well, after years of toying with the idea, I
finally got up the nerve and found her again (luckily her parents never
moved!) We got together a couple of months ago, and it was like we had never
been apart. It was great. Since then we have talked on the phone and emailed
each other. I feel like a door that had just been swinging in my mind had
finally been opened properly. It was an amazing feeling, knowing that even
though we have not talked for 7 years, we still cared about each other and
thought about each other like we had never been seperated. I knew this girl
since Kindergarten, so not talking to her was like a whole in my heart. She
said she had tried finding me, but we had moved several times since we had
stopped talking.
    Anyway, thanks for the support and the advice.


Yesterday is in the past...
Tomorrow has yet to come...
Today is a gift, that is why we call it...THE PRESENT!

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>     No, just having a few dates is NOT pathetic!!  You have the right
> attitude--why subject yourself to something you don't really want, just
> you think it might be expected of you.  And as for having friends from
> school days, well I think most people's friends change as they get older
> anyhow.
> Best of luck,
> Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
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