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[IP] high numbers now gone

I would like to thank each of you who offered suggestions on how to deal with 
the non responding highs and who shared your personal methods.  I'm 
especially grateful for the "puberty" reminders.  I forget that a little just 
turned 12 year old boy -- is at this stage.  Oh my, oh my!  His diabetes team 
has prewarned me of these days and at the last visit in June said "beware 
this stage has arrived!"  He seems to be growing a lot right now also.  But I 
still think most of the unrelenting high was due to the sore mouth.  His ped 
finally prescribed some zovirax and either that or time is beginnig to 
resolve the problem.  It also took a temporary increase from .7 to 1.1 in the 
basal rate.  It was amazing though to see how quickly he dropped yet he never 
went below 80!  These are the times when I am reminded of how great a pump 
is.  To try to manage an increase in long acting insulin (he was on NPH) just 
would not work.  With the pump we are also able to give a bolus every 2 - 3 
hours without fear of the long acting insulin "kicking in."  I believe this 
type of care (and checking b/s 12 times in one day) is why he managed to 
recover without going into DKA.  
It's so nice to be a part of this group where everyone understands the daily 
struggle of dealing with diabetes.  
God bless,
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