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Re: [IP] Thanks

> Thank you for all the advice we received regarding my daughter and
> her pump.  We had some problems the first few nights of pumping with
> the pump (minimed508) not delivering a correction bolus.  We are
> still trying to get her rates set.  A Lot of sleepless nights for
> everyone.  She is having a lot of lows especially at night , but for
> the most part, her numbers have never been so good.

It is not uncommon for insulin requirements to drop dramatically when 
a child starts pumping and is no longer force feeding the NPH. Her 
rates might have been set based on previous dosage of insulin and 
thus may be a little high. Read all about pump management in the book 
"Pumping Insulin" and the howto's on the Insulin Pumpers web site. 
The sleepless nights might as well get put to good use getting a good 
basal profile so the rates can be dialed in correctly. I always set 
Lily's rates to allow her to rise 20 - 50 points on the average 
through the night. Even with that there were a few lows. this might 
work for you, YMMV -- talk to your medical team.

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