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Re: [IP] Jenn's pump update and latest A1C (be very afraid!)

from one jenn to another.  let me say you have a great doctor to be doing 
this for you! I did not have to fight with the insurance companies as you 
have but with my own doctor ---  he wouldnt sign the darn papers for me to 
as for the a1c's i had high blood for 7 years! before the doc would fix them. 
 grrr.. I hope they get better you will feel so much better even if you can 
get it from 14.9 to 10% i mean that is still high but it will make y afeel a 
hole lot better.
i am expecting my aic to be around 10 or 11 this time----- i havent started 
the pump full time yet .
good luck anyways :) 

money isnt everything but its up there with water and oxygen!!
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