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[IP] IP Checking sugars too often

My BG's were never that good throughout the years.  In fact, I have suffered
consequences from it.  I have had well over twenty thousand shots of laser
in both eyes.  My right eye will never be the same.  It is like looking
through a cloud.

Before I tightened my control, I used to show protein in my urine, and
elevated creatinine levels.  My cholesteral was 300+ (last one was 189).  I
have other things too, but not too much consedering I have had this for 26

I pumped for 6 years before I discovered the real secret to good control.
Correct basal settings are #1 as far as I am concerned.  It mandates careful
attention and patience.

I cannot guarantee you will get as low as 5.9 (though you could even do
better), but I guarantee you will improve your A1C's dramatically, if you
get the basals perfected.

All my readings (blood) have been normal since I did this.  I have not had
any further complications.  There is great hope for you to accomplish this.
I skipped many meals, and experimented a lot before I could do it.

I would venture to say, those on this list who have low HB A1C readings have
done the same.  I do not mean to imply that you have not done this, but I
used to think I had "gone the distance on experimenting."  Not so.  I had
not "gone the distance" until I was able to lower my readings.

Thanks to the pump, I brought them down from 12.0 to the 8-9 range.  It took
six years for me to reach the 6's and below.  You can do it!!  Don't give

I will help you any way I can, and there are a lot of people on this list
who are much smarter and have taken it even further.  Just ask and anyone
will heed your call.

Best of luck!

Bud Hopper

Hi, all -

This is for Bud Hopper and everyone else with low a1c numbers like Bud's -

I am amazed that you can achieve these results. You are, in effect, NORMAL.
You are evidently having no major problems, are doing beautifully on the
pump.  Congratulations and God bless you.  Naturally, I hope that your
complications are nonexistent or minor, also.  But with numbers like that,
and even somewhat higher, what more can you ask for?  I'm jealous.  Mine
will probably never be that good.  : )
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