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[IP] Jenn's pump update and latest A1C (be very afraid!)

Hi All,

Had an appointment with my endo and CDE this morning.  Endo was horrified at 
what insurance is putting me through (they've questioned every single 
prescription I have lately, and flat out refused to give me one of them).  
He printed out pages and pages of his notes from past appointments, copies 
of bg's dating back to February, and wrote a new prescription for a pump.  
(He and the CDE are going to try bombarding them with paper.  They said its 
worked for them before.)

I also found out why they only recommended the MiniMed508 for me.  Its the 
only one that vibrates, and since I am deaf, that's pretty much what I'm 
limited to.

Now, my A1C's came back from my last appointment in June - 14.9.  Scary, 
huh?  The CDE was wondering how I'm walking around and functioning.  Heavy 
sigh.  Its pretty obvious now that that Lantus is doing absolutely nothing 
for me.  Endo told me to stop taking that and gave me new scrips for Lente.  
He figured it isn't going to be any worse, and Lente is less expensive, and 
insurance might not hassle me as much.

The war's not quite over yet!  I'm still trying.

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