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[IP] Re: IP] Living *up to* statistics

> Jan, once you are dx'd with End Stage Renal Disease, I believe you are
> automatically eligible for Medicare..  I still was on Cobra with my first
> transplant (Medicare was secondary), and then became totally dependant on
> Medicare to pay for the second one.  They also paid for my pump and pump
> supplies now.  Check into this for yourself.
> David

Thanks, David,

I figured the tx coordinator at my nephrology dept. would do that. They're
supposed to be doing stuff like this. Do I just call S.S. (they mentioned it
about dialysis when I filed for retirement in May). I wouldn't think they'd
take a patient's word for it, however.

Come to think of it, my S.S. check was supposed to be here yesterday -
perhaps late because of the *goings on*? (~_^)

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