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Re: [IP] Living *up to* statistics

At 10:33 AM 9/26/01 -0500, you wrote:
> > Hi Jan:
> > I'm sorry to hear about the kidney dialysis.
>There is about a 5-yr. wait nationwide due to the fact there are about 2,000
>usable cadaver pancreases available a year for 10,000 recipients. I can deal
>with the pump (18 years now) if a kidney only is available and let a younger
>person have a longer life. Don't know about the insurance yet - my hugsband
>is the one whose boss is selling the trucks and 2 are wanting his. That's
>why I'm checking on the COBRA stuff. The trucks are to be released 10/31 but
>if someone comes with cash in hand, why wait?
Jan, once you are dx'd with End Stage Renal Disease, I believe you are 
automatically eligible for Medicare..  I still was on Cobra with my first 
transplant (Medicare was secondary), and then became totally dependant on 
Medicare to pay for the second one.  They also paid for my pump and pump 
supplies now.  Check into this for yourself.

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