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Re: [IP] Re: Pump & Weight Loss

Hello - well I can give a view from the other side of
the coin - I am using an insulin pump (and loving
it!!) - but I am also a paramedic - so I do lots of
what we call "diabetic-wake-ups" - and truthfully most
people, after they get their sugar level up - do not
come with us to the hospital....unless they start
vomiting - then there is no choice :)
I also know that in the ER they do not really carehow
high your sugars rise - they want your liver and
muscles to build up a storage of glucose...hence the
dextrose drip....but leaves you in a bind for the rest
of the day eh!

There has only been once in my career where I had to
go back to a persons house after treating a low blood
glucose - but I have also never had a patient on an
insulin pump!! I have however had quite a few patients
on an inhaled insulin study in this area - so those
drives to the hospital are always filled with many
many questions from myself on this new-ish technology.

I hope all works out for you - good luck!!

Andrea Marshall
email @ redacted

Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 22:38:04 EDT
From: email @ redacted
Subject: Re: [IP] Re: Pump & Weight Loss

In a message dated 9/24/2001 9:24:13 PM Pacific
Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Yes, Heather I have been going thru the same thing
for the last 
couple of 
> weeks including weight gain. If it is not
unexplained highs it is 
> lows. I got home from the E.R. at 4 this morning,
That was after the 
> squad was called back here 30 mins after they left
the first time. I 
> from 27 up to 120 while they were here. They were
very concerned 
about my 
> heart and its erratic behavior, but I was able to
get them to leave 
me here 
> promising to go to the doctor in the morning. Well,
thirty minutes 
later my 
> husband called them back and they were loading me on
a gurney when I 
> to. 
> This time I did not even bother to argue.  I had
eaten an hour before 
> happened and bolused the proper amount. They said
that when they got 
here I 
> was vomiting all over the place (that was obvious
looking at me). 
This is 
> why 
> they were concerned about a possible heart attack. I
spent five hours 
> the 
> hospital which did nothing except raise my bs so
high that when I got 
> my 
> meter would not even register. They still think
making me eat a 
"snack" at 
> the same time they are pumping me full of Dextrose
is the answer. 
Well, it 
> is 
> not. I have now spent the day trying to get my BS
down and stay down. 
> wasted sick day from work.
> I have only been on the pump since June and for the
most part love 
it, but 
> my 
> poor husband is now experiencing things he has never
had to before. 
We must 
> just be patient and keep plugging along. In the end
it is worth it..
> Maribeth Hughes

That was a scary situation. I hope everything worked
out and it was 
serious with your heart. I know I have had some weird
things happen 
when my 
sugar has went too low. Overall the pump has improved
the way I feel 
but I 
still have some adjusting to do. I have been on it for
over a year. It 
like I think I have everything figured out then in a
couple of days my 
bloodsugars change and I am dumb founded again. I
guess this is one of 
consequences of diabetes! Lucky us.
Take care, Heather W.
email @ redacted
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