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Re: [IP] Living *up to* statistics

> Hi Jan:
> I'm sorry to hear about the kidney dialysis.
> Question: When they found out beginning stages of renal failure, did they
> put you on an ACE inhibitor?  I know that kept my brother's running ok for
> an extra 12 years!

I was put on an ACE inhibitor (Vasotec) 14 years ago and used it for 8 yrs.
I then started seeing a nephrologist who took me off of it and put me on
Captopril. I could not tolerate C (so he threw me out and I go to his boss
now) and have been on a *cocktail* of Norvasc, Cozaar, Cardura since. I have
also been put on, unsuccessfully: Clonidine and Minoxidil and some others I
forgot. Has your bro reached 51 years of DM yet? I figure I've already
bought *extra* time. ;)

> Don't give up hope.  Put yourself on the list for a kidney transplant.
> because you're 62 (did I read right?) doesn't mean that you won't be
> eligible....and while you're at it, if your ins. co. also covers pancreas
> tx, see if you are eligible for that as well.

We already went to Northwestern Memorial Hosp. in Chicago a couple of weeks
ago for the intro session with a dr. who has been doing tx's since 1964.

> I know some hospitals give
> an age cut off but my brother fought it and took the extra tests and his
> body was ok (even though we thought it wasn't) but they look for different
> things than we think we need.

There is about a 5-yr. wait nationwide due to the fact there are about 2,000
usable cadaver pancreases available a year for 10,000 recipients. I can deal
with the pump (18 years now) if a kidney only is available and let a younger
person have a longer life. Don't know about the insurance yet - my hugsband
is the one whose boss is selling the trucks and 2 are wanting his. That's
why I'm checking on the COBRA stuff. The trucks are to be released 10/31 but
if someone comes with cash in hand, why wait?

> Good luck and let us know how you make out and I hope the fiscular takes!
> My brother's didn't.  They wound up putting a shunt in his upper chest
> his shoulder.

Thanks for the *encouragement*. ;) I don't know yet if it will be a fistula
or a graft. One takes 6 mos. to heal and the other takes 5-6 wks.

> Have you considered doing the peritinatal dialysis? (I don't know if I
> spelled that right)....but my brother started on that and he had such
> freedom w/it for over a year and then something leaked.  They were
> to do a test to see where it was leaking and replace it and only do
> hemo-dialysis temporarily.

Thanks, again, for the encouragement. It kind of reminds me of when I was a
kid and people would tell me they had a great aunt who had DM and had both
legs cut off - but dead now. ;)

> And about parents, my mom died 11 years ago and I sure do miss her!  My
> is still alive but doesn't live nearby and he sometimes drives me crazy
> his statements but I figure it's his age and just let it go.  (he's going
> be 79)

My father left when I was 6 mos. old, became a preacher and sees no need to
be in my life. Mom is bitter and jealous and doesn't like to be around
*abnormal* people. I'm abnormal. (~_^)

> Huge hugs.
> Kathy Bruckmeyer
> email @ redacted
> diab 35 yrs pumping 12/00

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