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[IP] pinch an inch?

>>Yes, the needle is a bit intimidating..however, you don't have to use that
particular set.  You should have gotten samples of other sets
available.  If not, look at the video you received with your pump, and see
what else is available.  If you are going to use that set, remember to
"pinch an inch", and insert it at about a 30 degree angle or so.  You'll
get used to it.


I though that you were not supposed to pinch. When I first started pumping I
was using the soft sets with the larger needle (I think it's the .9mm) and I
was pinching. The cannula kept getting bent. I moved to the shorted needle
and less problems but still some bending. Finally the minimed tech came to
my work to watch me do a set change and when she saw me pinching, she
indicated that was the problem. Since then I do not have any bending at all.
Is this typical or are more people pinching than not?

Amy B. Anderson
Apple Product Professional

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