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[IP] FW: ab work and infusion sites

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From: 	Paula Bosarge [mailto:email @ redacted]
Sent:	Tuesday, September 25, 2001 4:37 PM
To:	'HELP@insulin-pumpers.org'
Subject:	ab work and infusion sites

I need some help on doing abdominal exercises.  My infusion site is always
on my stomach, and I've been warned by the MiniMed folks that ab work (or
any kind of power lifting) can mess up your infusion site.  Any suggestions?

Also, I feel like I'm already running our of infusion sites on my stomach. I
HAVE studied all the pictures, but I feel comfortable with only a few spots.
(I've been pumping for 5 months, after having diabetes for 25 years.)  I'm
not thin, but therre aren't many fatty places on my stomach.  I'm 5'4", 120
lbs,  when I stand up, my hip bones poke out, and I sure don't want want to
put an infusion over bones.  Please advise.

AND, I know we're supposed to change sites every 2 to 3 days, but I hate to
waste alot of insulin.  I generally make mine last 3.5 days, and still wind
up discarding alot of insulin.  I'm just curious and I'm sure there are lots
of  different factors that affect how long one keeps the same set & site.
What do most people average?
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