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[IP] BG 52 use milk

My response was based on the facts: Pumper is a child.  It is 10:30 at night. 
He is going to bed, hopefully to sleep.  His Mom plans to recheck at 3:30.  
BG of 52 sounds like bedtime BG, not post or premeal.  Response:  Most kids 
like milk.  Milk is a carb and also a protein.  For many folks, milk raises 
BG and keeps it level longer than OJ.  It must be skim milk, the fat in 
regular milk slows absorption and utilization.  My response was not for 
middle aged persons who overbolused at lunch and throw up when they drink 
milk.  Nor was it for a child whose BG was 32 at bedtime.  Problem solving 
for self-management requires assessment of the facts, appropriate plan based 
on facts, then evaluation after to see if intervention was appropriate. In 
addition, Mom needs to recheck BG in 15 minutes and retreat if still low.
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