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RE: [IP] Living *up to* statistics

Hi Jan:
I'm sorry to hear about the kidney dialysis.

Question: When they found out beginning stages of renal failure, did they
put you on an ACE inhibitor?  I know that kept my brother's running ok for
an extra 12 years!

Don't give up hope.  Put yourself on the list for a kidney transplant.  Just
because you're 62 (did I read right?) doesn't mean that you won't be
eligible....and while you're at it, if your ins. co. also covers pancreas
tx, see if you are eligible for that as well.   I know some hospitals give
an age cut off but my brother fought it and took the extra tests and his
body was ok (even though we thought it wasn't) but they look for different
things than we think we need.

Good luck and let us know how you make out and I hope the fiscular takes!
My brother's didn't.  They wound up putting a shunt in his upper chest near
his shoulder.

Have you considered doing the peritinatal dialysis? (I don't know if I
spelled that right)....but my brother started on that and he had such
freedom w/it for over a year and then something leaked.  They were supposed
to do a test to see where it was leaking and replace it and only do
hemo-dialysis temporarily.

Well, the idiot surgeon took it upon himself to remove it and never replace
it.  My brother went wild when he found this out.

He even drove to NY from FL while doing the stomach dialysis in the car!  He
said he had felt much better because it was a continuous thing instead of
twice a week.

And about parents, my mom died 11 years ago and I sure do miss her!  My dad
is still alive but doesn't live nearby and he sometimes drives me crazy with
his statements but I figure it's his age and just let it go.  (he's going to
be 79)

Huge hugs.
Kathy Bruckmeyer
email @ redacted
diab 35 yrs pumping 12/00
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