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[IP] Thanks everyone!

    I want to thank everyone for all of the advice and support they gave me
over the last few days. I didn't realize how much I was holding in until I
started writing that letter.
    All of you made me sit back and take a second look at my life. I realize
that I have been sitting back letting my diabetes control me and how I think.
NO MORE. I am taking control of my life.
    This may sound frivilous, but tomorrow, to mark the change of my life, I
am going to hair stylist and having my hair done how I want, and not how my
parents would prefer it.
    I am also going to check into low-income housing and public transportation
in my area. Next, after I find out about the transportation, If that is free,
and a feasable idea, I am going to check into the local elementary and
volunteer. I would love to help out in the library that they have (If you can
actually call it a library! For the most part they rely on the Book Moblie!) I
am also going to check into internet courses. And check into freelance writing
and selling my nature photographs. Thanks Kathy B. for that idea!
    No longer am I going to be a victim of the diabetes war. I am going to be
the victor!
    Again...Thanks to all!


Yesterday is in the past...
Tomorrow has yet to come...
Today is a gift, that is why we call it...THE PRESENT!
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