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[IP] Re: Bad insulin

Because this topic comes up on this list now and again, when filling Claire's 
Rx the other day I asked the pharmacist if he had ever had a case of insulin 
being bad.  He said there was one case three years ago, he has quite a busy 
pharmacy and has owned it for 10 years.  But perhaps he isn't always told 
about something like this.
    He did say if insulin was bad that Lilly would have to be notified 
immediately  (might want to recall the whole batch).

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7

<<  I realized I opened a new bottle of insulin on 
 Friday Night, and that's when we started having problems.  Upon opening 
 another bottle, and correcting her , she began to drop within 45 minutes.  
 Well, our day has been great.  Right in range since 11:00 this morning.  It 
 must have been the insulin.  Has this ever happened to anyone before.  
 I notify Lilly about this, the expiration date is 2003.  I keep it 
 Thanks for input >>
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