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[IP] Re: Having Children diagnosed with D at a young age

    Try not to worry too much until you know something for sure.  I was 
writing to a Mum with a 2 year old with DM, who checked her 4 year old 
daughter when she started showing "signs".  She had several high bg readings 
during what turned out to be a flu like illness.  The mum later had the 4 
year old checked for antibodies etc in the Diabetes Prevention Trial 
screening for risk and she turned out to be fine.  So perhaps this will be 
the case with your little girl.
    If not, and she is dx.....well, Claire was also 2 when dx, so I know how 
you will feel.  But you are armed with so much knowledge that you can use to 
make sure she has the best care possible, right from the start.  And little 
ones can be started on the pump right away--go for it from the start, you 
don't need any training on how to give injections, carb counting etc.  If you 
have trouble finding a paed. endo that will put pumps on young kids, ask the 
pump sales reps for referrals.  
    There are lots of parents around that you can write to for support.  
Please keep us posted.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
<< No, they we not fasting sugars they where taken like 12:oo a.m.  
 the reason why I took them is because she felt a little sweaty but like the 
 kind of sweaty that I get when I am low but it turned out to be a little 
 high.  I just took her bg and it's 110.  I just don't want to obsessed.  Her 
 dad does not have it I'm the only one.     
 Lisette    >>
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