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Re: [IP] low blood sugars AAAArGGGHH!!

    Thankfully, everybody around me does know what to do when my blood
sugars are low. In fact, ever time we have moved to a new subdivision, we
walk around and introduce ourselves to our neighbors and tell them , and I
quote "If I am just wandering around, especially during the middle of the
night, stop me and talk to me. If I act like I am in anyway drunk, either
get me home, or take me to your house and call the ambulance." It is
embarrassing but I would rather be embarrassed than dead! At first we told
them to get some sugar in me, but then we got thinking, sometimes high blood
sugars can cause the same signs, so that would not work.
    I have tried several times to talk to my dad, but even after 11 years,
he is still in complete denial. If I even bring up anything that my doctor
has said, unless it is good, he does not want to hear it. And all he does is
complain about me "living" at the doctors office's! He is one of those type
of men who think they are invinsible, and so should every body around them.
I can only recall him cryingtwice in my entire life. I understand completely
where he is coming from, but as I am sure you and everyone else knows, it is
hard to take that viewpoint ALL of the time. :)  The sad thing is, the more
I talk about it, the more stubborn he becomes! :-\
    Thank you for your kind words, and for listening to my ramblings! LOL
    You take care also.


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> Wendy Nixon, Paradise, CA
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