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[IP] Large needles

Hey everybody.  I have been reading and posting for a few months now while in 
the decision process of an insulin pump.  Well, yesterday my Minimed 508 
arrived.  (I go to my endo for my first training next Tuesday).  As I 
unpacked everything and started to look through all of the stuff in the box, 
I was a bit intimidated by the infusion sets they sent me.  I got 4 big boxes 
of the soft-sets (I guess that's what they're called...the kind with the 
short bit of tube before the disconnect)  The needles on those suckers look 
HUGE to me!  I have been using short insulin syringes and insulin pens for 
quite a while now, and compared to those, the needles on the infusion sets 
look much bigger.  Is there another size to those things?  Or do I just have 
to grin and bare it?

Somebody help me here!!

Matt in NC
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