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[IP] Re: Need some help from the men

Since most of my waking hours I'm in business dress, I've just switched the 
tee shirt for a pocket tee and placed the pump in the pocket - The oxford 
shirt pocket, which always has a pen in it, hides the pump and I can bolus 
audibly without removing the pump.  For the summer or more casual times, the 
slit in the upper pocket (right side for me being left handed) works and I 
just drop the pump into the pocket.  If your formal, mens tux trousers 
usually have the expansion sides that the tubing can be threaded through 
without putting a hole in the pocket.  The only serious modifications I have 
had to do is put a pump pouch in the top of my life vest for jet-skiing - 
keeps the pump mostly out of water. - Bob Nnn
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