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Re: [IP] Hogwash or ? And all the other replies to what I wrote... reply to Roge


I remember my use of reason almost 20 years ago....  People take for 
granted what to do with BG readings - Back then there was no (accepted) 
protocol for using the blood sugars to make insulin adjustments.

I'm lucky that high BGs/more insulin didn't kill me! And with 
professional's knowledge, it went on for about 3 years.....

At 06:30 PM 9/25/01 -0400, you wrote:
>It has been said of me that if I get afraid of something( like death ) I get
>analytical to the point of beyond the use of reason and understanding. I 
>may be at that point in my big D life. Of course I am not about to admit 
>it now, maybe on Friday or ..

That place is not an easy one to be in.....  Though I have not been where I 
perceive you are, I am sure that others are at a similar place in their lives.

I was helped in some of my fears about diabetes by 2 unlikely people.

John had AIDS and we talked into the wee small hours 1 morning at a 3-day 
"live in" workshop in 93. It's amazing how similar our feelings were about 
living with our respective diseases....


Eddie who was confined to a wheel chair with limited use of his arms and 
asked my help to go to the bathroom...  He validated my discomfort with 
helping him by saying "of course you're uncomfortable, you've never done 
this before"....   And later said related to what I had to do for the 
diabetes - "boy you're brave, I could never do that!".

>Take Care
>email @ redacted
>  I ask those who have been in difficult (diabetes related) personal
>situations not for advice, but what helped you cope with the "realities" of
>your life....

Jim S.
email @ redacted
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