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[IP] Me again re:checking sugars

Right now I probably use between 8-12 strips a day.  It really depends on how 
I'm feeling.  Since I've been severely anemic and feeling very bad I have 
been checking more often.  I think due to the anemia it is hard to guess if I 
am feeling bad due to a low or high blood sugar or it's not related to that 
at all.  Also my high and lows seem to affect me much more powerfully.  If I 
go a little low I get wiped out and if I go high I tend to run ketones which 
I have never had a problem with before.  I told my doctor I would pay for 
extra strips myself but I can't not check especially when I need to follow my 
sugars so closely since they are so unpredictable.  Also, due to all of this 
I am basically on my basal rate-hardly ever having to bolus.  I do use a 
temp. basal or suspend if I am not feeling up to eating.  Thank you everyone 
for your support.  My Mom was livid about the comments my doctor made. The 
thing is there are worse doctors to have within the medical group I'm in and 
I'm not sure where to turn to.   The bad thing is though, it's hard to get 
good medical help (it's hard to find these days!).  Also, since I'm on a 
really strange routine with my pump-mostly on basal not bolusing docs don't 
like that either but it works well for me be able to head of lows and not go 
crashing.  I used to carb count and bolus for meals but that just doesn't 
work right now.  Thanks again for everyone's input-I really needed it!

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