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[IP] Free Stuff

In cleaning out and organizing my diabetes supplies,I
have run across stuff that I don't need anymore.I will
give the following to anyone(first come,first served)
who needs it,but I would like to be reimbursed for
 3 boxes BD orange flavored glucose tablets(18
total-foil wrapped,enclosed in boxes)
 23 more foil wrapped glucose tablets(experation date
 1 Ultimate QR sofset,42 inch
 2 boxes Kendall alcohol swabs(200ct/box)
 Also-I have a Freestyle meter,which I don't use.It is
relatively new,and works well.I would like to be
reimbursed $10 for this,as I paid for the whole thing
out of pocket with no rebate offers.Included would be
the case and lanclet device(with arm and finger
  Please respond to the below address:
   email @ redacted

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