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Re: [IP] non responding highs

i had high blood sugars for 7 years before the doctor would hospitalize me.
this is what i found by my  experience.
every time my blood would go high i would take more insulin.. well eventually 
my blood owuld just stya high. no coming down at all.
eventually i said fine- i started back at my original dose of insulin and 
gently increased it depending on my blood.
like for example
at 8 if it was 13 (234) that night i would take 1 more unit of insulin to 
help with the morning blood. ( this was when i was on shots only- no pump) 
If my blood was high at dinner say   14 ( (252) i would take 2 more units at 
lunch the next day.
if you have a high blood sugar you increase the last insulin you took. there 
for if you have a low you decreaes.........
You have to tyr this out for a few days with the new increaes - and not too 
many increases at once or else you wont know which ones worked and which 
didnt. the reason you have to wait 1 or 2 days is because your body takes 
time to get used to it. At least this is what iw as told. 
it worked.
I went from an average of 144 u/ a day to about 45 a day with this procedure.
OF COURSE EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT> talk to your doctor to see if this will help.
also with your son not done growing yet you may see this high blood as a 
pattern over the next few ( 10 ) years.........

good luck 

money isnt everything but its up there with water and oxygen!!
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