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[IP] Fwd: Flying with Diabetes Equipment and Supplies

I hope you all find this usefull

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From: "Wizdom Wizdom" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Flying with Diabetes Equipment and Supplies
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 10:36:42 -0400

With the help of staff and volunteers from Advocacy, the American Diabetes 
Association has prepared a statement about flying with diabetes equipment 
and supplies. We thought this would be useful to you, so are including it 
below, for your reference. You can also find this statement on our Web site. 
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Flying with Diabetes Equipment and Supplies

September 21, 2001

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has implemented stepped-up 
security measures at the nation's airports in response to last week's tragic 
events.  Some new security measures may affect airline passengers with 
diabetes.  The American Diabetes Association recognizes the added 
inconvenience this may pose for individuals with diabetes, but understands 
the necessity to secure airline passenger safety.

At this time, we are still receiving conflicting information from the FAA.  
This information ranges from a requirement that passengers must produce 
prescriptions for their medication and supplies, to having them provide a 
simple explanation of their medical condition.

The best approach right now is to exercise on the side of caution.  The 
Association recommends that a passenger with diabetes -- who wishes to board 
with his or her equipment and supplies -- be prepared to provide airport 
security personnel with copies of prescriptions for diabetes medications and 
supplies.  It is also recommended that you arrive well in advance of the 
airline's suggested departure check-in time.  The prescription must clearly 
contain the name of the medication or supply, and include complete contact 
information for the physician.

At this time, individual airline carriers may or may not require the above 
documentation, or may have other requirements that further restrict a 
passenger's ability to board with diabetes equipment and supplies. 
Accordingly, the FAA and the Association strongly urge each passenger to 
call the airline carrier at least one day in advance of his or her scheduled 
flight to confirm what that airline's policy is with regard to diabetes 
medication and supplies.  Be advised that each airline's policy is subject 
to change.

The Association has received a small number of complaints from passengers 
who have encountered difficulty when trying to pass through airport security 
with syringes and lancets.  Should a passenger be denied boarding a flight 
or be faced with any other unforeseen diabetes related difficulty because of 
the FAA's security measures, he or she should contact the FAA grounds 
security commissioner, at the departing airport, who should be able to
assist with resolution.

In addition, contact the American Diabetes Association at 703-549-1500 
x-2108 so that we may be kept informed of airline protocols and security 
measures.  The Civil Aviation Security division of the FAA may also be 
contacted at 202-267-9863.  The Association will continue to monitor this 
situation and keep you informed of new developments.

Cure. Care. Commitment.
That's your American Diabetes Association.

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