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[IP] Checking sugars too often?

I just had a conversation with my doc and he says I'm checking my sugars too 
often.  Anyone else have this problem?  I have been sick and anemic for the 
past year, really feeling bad and waiting to find out the cause (just found 
out endometrial polyp in my uterus).  I have had to raise and lower basals 
according to how I feel.  Sometimes I have to check my sugar because I can't 
tell if I'm having a low or just feeling bad.  He said he thought the pump 
might not be good for me and that there are new oral meds for Type I 
diabetics now (I hadn't heard of them).  Yeah right!!  No way are they taking 
my pump!  With it I can lower or raise my basal or suspend it which can help 
ward off the too frequent lows I had before I had it.  I told him some ideas 
are great in theory but when you're the diabetic and feeling bad your first 
course of action needs to be a bloodsugar check to see if that's the cause.  
I do check often because I can never tell where my sugars are going to go 
(part of the anemia I suppose).  He said checking so often could be adding to 
the anemia.  Well, thanks for letting me vent.  I think if some of these 
doctors had diabetes for one day they would look at things and the advise 
they give a little differently.

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