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[IP] Having children diagnosed with D at young age

       Hi everyone it's Lisette I'm get g a little freaked out because my 
daughter who has no diabetes bg was 171,161,141, with the fast take monitor 
than 134 with the one touch profile.  I took her to her ped today and they 
did blood work and I have to get a urine sample and bring it back.  My 
daughter is only 2.5 and my endo said that she would probably not get it 
because I'm the only one in my family who has it but still.  I don't know 
what to do.  I'm scared I don't know if I'm over reacting, but It's bad 
enough I'm dealing with this, that's fine I've learned to deal with it but I 
really don't think I can handle my only child dealing with this disease.  If 
anyone has young children with D please answer to this post and just tell me 
how u get thru this and if your child is on the pump or not.  Right now I'm 
just really SCARED AND WORRIED.  Thanks for listening.

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