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[IP] BS 52 10:30 pm treated with OJ

email @ redacted "RNCDE" wrote:

"The best choice to treat this is 8 oz. skim milk.  OJ works quickly,
then is gone."

Huh?  Maybe with long acting insulin, but not with a pump/humalog.
"Pumping Insulin" says to ALWAYS treat a low with quick acting sugar
(like glu tabs or juice).  With long acting insulins, you had to first
eat quick-acting sugar, then follow it up with a longer acting carb like
milk or crackers.  If I were to treat a bg of 50 with milk, it would
take a half hour for my bg to climb back up.

This is one of the main reasons I love my pump.  To treat a low, I
almost always just eat a few glu tabs and I'm on my way.  Of course, if
the basal rate is too high then the low may continue, but then the
solution is to lower the basal rate, not eat more.


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