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Re: [IP] Agent Orange causing Type 1??

>   The doctor
> told him that there are findings that soldiers exposed to Agent Orange
> during war-that their children are developing type 1 diabetes.

I did a college project on the second generation of Agent Organce exposures
several years ago. The incidences of certain ailments/chronic conditions in
the children of those exposed to dioxin, as well as those who were exposed.

This link is to the VA study on dioxin and DM (Type 1 and 2). A 1998 study
indictaed DM was increased and more lijkely to occur in dioxin exposed


There are other good reliable sources in-line for research  as well.

I have an interest in this simply becuase my father died in 1979 after a
debilitating battle with brain cancer. He was a Vietnam veteran and had been
exposed frequently and was prefectly healthy before he developed the cancer.
I have a weird form of Type 1 now (it changed from T1 to T2 back to T1 over
the 16 years I've had it).

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