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[IP] Re: Cherry and her low blood sugars

Cherry and others -

After reading Barb's reply to Cherry's story, I just had to add my

I've been diabetic for 47 years (since age 8).  At the age of 24, much to
my parents' chagrin and disgust, I moved to Madrid, Spain, ALL BY MYSELF
and lived there for 8 years - ALL BY MYSELF. (A few years prior to this, my
parents had told me repeatedly I'd never be able to go to Europe.  I was
crushed. )

 I had been a foreign language teacher and wanted to work and do graduate
work in Spain, and I did!  I had my doctor's blessing, so I packed up my
needles, syringes, etc. and moved to Madrid.  This was in 1971 -  no
glucometer that I recall was available, but if there had been one, I didn't
have it.

At times I had roommates but preferred living by myself.  I was perfectly
able to manage my health; actually, my worst problem was ear infections!  I
suppose I was one of the lucky ones, and I'm not proud of that fact that I
didn't watch my diet the way I should have or visit a doctor but once a
year - but I was PERFECTLY FINE.  And my parents had been furious with me
and terrified for me.  But as I said, I had my doctor's blessing.  I'd had
no severe lows for many years, and he saw no reason why I shouldn't do it.

I MADE OUT FINE!  Those were the best adult years of my life!  I handled my
occasional lows with no problem, and had a perfectly marvelous experience.
Again, I was probably one of the luckier ones.

Cherry, if you are medically able to do it, BREAK FREE!  Don't let anybody
tell you you can't do something!  Get your license, assert your
independence, and bear the burden of your disease yourself.  You'll thank
yourself for it.  Nobody says it will be easy, but you'll be much more at
peace with yourself.  Best of luck to you!
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