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[IP] We are back & pumping

HI all,
  After a break of about 3 months I am back.  I have just been so busy.  But, 
I really missed this list & all of the support.
  Just a reminder of who I am.  My name is Kim Advent.  My daughter Ashley is 
10 years old & has had diabetes type 1 for 5 years.  We finally just started 
pumping yesterday.  I can't tell you how excited I am.  Yes even after a 
sleepless night. LOL  I know that many of you at least understand how 
thrilled I am to finally have my daughter pumping.  She is on the Minimed 508 
& it is blue.  We have not named it yet but, we are trying to think of a name.
  I have to tell you what happened yesterday.  We went to our diabetes 
training session.  I had already read everything I could get my hands on.  
Plus watched the video & have been reading insulin pumpers book.  Also this 
list really helped me to learn alot.  So Ashley & I were ready for pumping & 
didn't need much training.  The only thing is that when I went to insert the 
infusion set Ashley pulled back from me.  I did not think the thing went in 
but, our trainer looked at it & she thought it was in.  Well, by 5:00 pm 
Ashley was 400 & then by 6:30 she was 580.  So I was giving her injections of 
insulin.  I took the tape off the check on the canula & the thing just fell 
off. LOL  That is not good.  So we inserted another set & after checking her 
every hour last night she is now at 115.  YEA!!!!  So I had my first 
sleepless night:-)  But, I knew that would happen.  I am keeping her home 
from school today just to keep an eye on her & make sure everything is fine.  
Anyway I had to share.  I am so happy we are finally at this point.  Some 
people just can't understand how excited I am about this but, I knew you guys 
I also wanted to tell you that my diabetes website is now being used as a 
tool to help newly diagnosed diabetics in Montana.  When they wrote to me to 
ask if they could use it I just sat here & cried.  I was so happy that it 
would help people.  If you would like to check out the website go to 
I hope to get up a pumping area now that I am actually doing it.

  Kim...........Mom of Ashley 10 yrs old(diabetic for 5 years & finally 
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