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Re: [IP] experience with burns on abdomen?

On Mon, 24 Sep 2001 17:31:43 EDT, Cheryl aka Mouse wrote:


Be sure that the doc gives you an rx for Silvadine (Silver Sulfadiazine)
cream (unless you are allergic to Sulfa drugs in which case you'd be allergic
to it also).

I call this the miracle cream especially when it comes to burns!

aka Mouse
Pharmacist in me speaking!

She's right!!!  I had a BAAADDD grease burn on my arm about 2 years ago.  (I
worked in Home Care at the hospital at the time, and after it healed - within
a week -- even with the diabetes!!  all the nurses - and especially my boss --
were wishing they'd taken before and after pictures).  I had splattered grease
on my arm on a Saturday and ended up with what looked like first degree burns
- red and hurt but that's about it.   Sunday, my son and I walked up to meet
my husband at work (and it was almost 90 degrees out and we walked 12 blocks).
Nobody had ever told me -- through all of my medical training including being
an EMT - that in a grease burn - the grease basically embeds itself in the
skin and if it gets hot again - it will continue to burn.

By the time I got to work on Monday morning - my boss noticed it as soon as I
walked in the door -- I had a HUUUGE blister that stood out almost 2 inches on
the inside of my wrist.  Sent me to the doctor right away.  I had second and
third degree burns all over the inside of my left wrist and forearm. They gave
me Silvadene - and that's what I attribute my quick healing to!!   It's
wonderful stuff!

Within a week, my arm looked normal again - except for a couple very minor
scars - which are more just darkened patches of skin than anything.

And as others have pointed out -- you can't insert your infusion set within an
inch of a scar - so you may have to forego the abdominal sites.  I've never
tried anywhere else - but I know there are several on this site who use legs,
hineys - I even read about a year ago on here about a lady who was using her
breasts!  So, if it does scar - you'll figure something out!!

Good luck and keep us posted!

Deb in Southern Illinois
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