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> Heather:
> You only pay $159 per month?  That is very cheap!  You may not think so
> it is.
> And COBRA is good for one year.  I know, we've been through it twice after
> my husband lost his jobs....we paid almost $500 a month!
> Kathy B

The following is copied from Diabetes Self-Management and states it is good
for 18 mos. and in some cases 36 mos.:
"COBRA is Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act - which is a
law which requires employers with more than 20 employees to offer most
terminating employees the option to continue their group medical benefits
for up to 18 mos (in some cases 36 mos). The participant will undoubtedly
lose the employer's premium contribution (if any) and may be surcharged up
to 2% over and above the actual premium, but a terminating employee cannot
be refused continuation of insurance (unless he was terminated because of
fraud or other criminal acts). While COBRA was a real break-through for
employees, it has its weaknesses. For one thing, COBRA makes no continuation
of coverage if the employer cancels the group plan. Obviously if an employer
discontinues the master group policy, there is no way an individual
subscriber can maintain coverage under it."

Also, the difference in prices reflects the difference in plans. Someone
recently explained that you may have the same insurance company, but the
plan is individualized according to what the employer contracts for. I
recently read here that someone pays $5 to Merck Medco for a 3-mo. supply of
Rx's. We just got M-M for drugs and many of our 3-mo. co-pays are $90. EACH.
YMMV (~_^)

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