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Re: [IP] Switching to Novlog/NovoRapid from H/V mix

On Monday 24 September 2001 23:25, you wrote:
> Guess that's about it. It appears that none of the site irritation or
> site loss issues that were present with Humalog have appeared for
> with Novolog aka NovoRapid in countries other than the US.
> Where can we get more info on this. Jake took the humalog for years by
> injection, but since going on the pump we only getabout 2 days out of the
> sites and they are always infected looking. I never thought about it being
> the Humalog; I just thought he didnt heal well. Trena (mom to Jake)

Only on this list will you get as much opinion on this subject.  I too have 
been pumping Novolog in a trial and I have found it to not only be less 
irritating, but its potency, in both speed and in duration, is far better 
than Humalog.  I can't wait till I get my next A1c and see the proof of how 
good this analog insulin is.    ;>)

(who used to mix Humalog & Velosulin)
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