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Re:[IP] Hogwash or ? And all the other replies to what I wrote...

 First off let me apologize for saying that it was hogwash...I was trying to
get another depressed person to see there can be another possibility other
than dying in 20 years.  I did not say this person wouldn't or couldn't die
from diabetes...eventually everybody has to die from something.  However
some of you failed to see why I might have responded so very strongly...I
said in my post that I was diagnosed at the age of 15 Months...not
years...months.  I have absolutely no memory of never having been a
diabetic.  Most of you that I have seen post were in your childhood years of
life or older...not a baby.  Like another person who wrote how their mother
often referred to their eventual demise...I have lived with the fear of that
over my head every single day of my life...and to top it off I also get to
worry about it for my daughter as well. She was diagnosed at age 5.   I have
no memories of  ever being without diabetes.  Every minute of my existence
has been spent trying to plan for the diabetes.  A trip to the grocery store
isn't even a normal routine...not only do I have to consider my insulin
needs and supplies but also that of my daughter.

 And I'm very very tired of being told and reminded at every second that I
can die from this.   Not only was I trying to make this person see that
there was another possibility...I was also trying to convince myself.
Because I have just about reached the point where I am ready to give
up...the only thing that keeps me hanging on is if I do give up...what kind
of lesson am I handing to my daughter???

 I already do have complications...I have neuropathy...gastroparesis...renal
disease...cataracts from of all things low blood sugars prior to my getting
a pump...(where I cannot see well enough to drive and now have to rely on my
husband for transportation)...and recently being diagnosed as having SVT's.
(Supraventricular tachycardia).  I do not have heart blockages..which is a
relief.  But I am still in trouble... I have severe edema...and now because
of my heart must take lasix...even though I already have renal problems.

 And I too am married to a military member...and am facing the fear of what
if he is deployed....  because we are recently transferred to a new base
about 2000 miles away from all of the rest of our family (we are in ND and
they are in FL)...and I can't afford a plane trip for me and my 12 almost 13
year old daughter...and I can't see to drive.  The base I am at is 13 miles
away from the town.  And so I am stranded if he goes.

 So please don't preach to me about statistics.  I am trying to get by and
hoping (because that is all I have now) that I do hang on another 14 years
and make it to 50.  But I'm not holding my breath....!!  But still with
tight control this other person who worried about dying in 20 more years
could very well live another 50!!!  Maybe more.  And this was also what I
was trying to tell my daughter who also read that post.   She may already be
living in fear herself because I am falling apart right in front of her

 So now that you know why I responded so very strongly...cut me some slack
and give me a break...I'm already on my way to being one of those
statistics...the ones that one person wrote we may never hear from...now
you've heard!  But I still want my daughter to have hope!!!!

Denise Radcliffe
email @ redacted
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