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[IP] low blood sugars AAAArGGGHH!!

In a message dated 9/24/01 4:05:03 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< low blood sugars AAARGGGGHHH!!! >>

Hang in there.   You can live with diabetes, it is a difficult thing to live 
with, believe me.  My husband of 20 years has had diabetes for 32 years.   
First thing is to make sure is that your friends and family know how to treat 
low blood sugars and what you may do or what it looks like, what kind of 
symptoms you have (some people don't know) and always have something in the 
house for low blood sugars, maybe even an emergency Glucagon kit for those 
really lows.   My husband can go into the 20s and teens without warning at 
all.  Scarey thing, but you deal with it as it comes.  In fact my husband 
just had an insulin reaction last night at 1:30 (about 30), woke up with a 40 
this morning and then had a severe reaction around noon today where I had to 
come home from work and give him a glucagon shot.   Thankfully, he had enough 
of mind to call my mother and she told him to drink some juice right away.   
When I got home, he was fairly alert, but having fallen quite badly before I 
had gotten there.   You really need to talk with your dad.   Explain to him 
that these insulin reactions or low blood sugars really take it out of you.   
They do on most diabetics, sometimes may take a couple of days to catch up. 

I sure hope all goes well with you and your family.  It sounds like you are 
under quite a bit of stress, which can also affect your blood sugars, up and 
down.   Be careful and always have something on hand.    That is rule number 

Wendy Nixon, Paradise, CA 
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